Why is it important for a child to have a dog


Pet care services: Arrange a temporary shelter for your pooch

For all the pet lovers across the globe, the home is not at all lively and happening without a fur kid. The four-legged mates actually become their family and are as affectionate and adorable as anyone else at home. Read More

Posted by Rukmani on 11 Sep, 2017

Reliable pet sitters are a click away now

Are you seeking for the most competent and efficient pet sitters in Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai or other big cities to render utmost care and security to your tail wager? An unexpressed hitch is always there if you hand over your pet to your neighbor or friend whenever you go out and that is perfectly rational owing to your deep concern and unspoken love for your furry mate. Read More

Posted by Rukmani on 10 Sep, 2017

How Dog Boarding in Delhi Appears as a Great Helping Hand

Your stubborn boss has ordered you to visit client’s location which is out of the town. It’s a one-week tour and you have no one to look after your beloved pooch in your absence. There is only one way to get a rescue from such adverse situation- dog boarding in Delhi. Read More

Posted by Rukmani on 24 Sep, 2017

Raise your Pooch in the Best Way with Dog Food Online

Do you remember the British-American drama film released in 2009, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, which was based on the devotion and compassion between a man and a dog? Who can forget the heroic performance of the dog in that movie! Every pet lover wants their furry friend to be like the dogs shown on TV or in films. Read More

Posted by Rukmani on 24 Sep, 2017

Adore your Pooch with a Vast Range of Dog Products Online

Your four-legged pet is one of the most precious possessions of yours. And, you always try to keep your pooch well-groomed and nourished. Don’t you? Being a pet lover, it’s our responsibility to look after our dog appropriately. Read More

Posted by Rukmani on 02 Aug, 2017

Train your Dog and Gather Praises for its Smart Activities

You are sitting in the verandah of your home and your four-legged friend running towards you with a newspaper in its mouth, on your call obviously. Just the imagination fascinates you with a pleasing smile on your face. It can be real with end-to-end dog training service. Read More

Posted by Rukmani on 01 Sep, 2017

Benefits of pet services in Delhi NCR

The intensity of love and care that the pets actually deserve can only be apprehended by those who have owned them in their lives. If you are one of them, you must be doing a respectable deed in the society. Read More

Posted by Rukmani on 05 Aug, 2017

All about Guest a Pet Service in Delhi NCR

Pets are the special family members in our lives which give us joy, unspoken trust, and loyalty. The Pet care service in Delhi NCR ensures that your pets will get best services and care according to needs of pets. Nowadays a service named guest a pet is also in demand. Read More

Posted by Rukmani on 02 Aug, 2017

Article 8

How about getting all the required stuff for your pet under one single roof? It is quiet convenient when you have access to the very basic necessity to the extreme luxurious products such as specialized comfort beds for your dog under one store. Read More

Posted by Deepti Batra on 23 June, 2017

4 things you should know before mating your dog

Reproduction has always been the key to existence, for obvious reasons. The urge is very strong and at times irresistible in almost every creature. For dogs, as well! In the form of mounting it is very clearly displayed in male dogs. However, mating is a critical aspect and needs some understanding to be wisely implemented. Read More

Posted by Aastha Kanwar on 21 June, 2017


In a society consumed with myths, and ambiguity in their pedagogy, it becomes primarily very important to clear the most common ones. Myths are the major cause of unawareness, which if we are talking about raising a dog, are certainly a bad option to live with. People think that they know, however, misconceptions at times lead to hazardous situations. Read More

Posted by Aastha Kanwar on 19 June, 2017


Owning a dog itself demands an extra ounce of care and love. Having a dog is similar as having an infant who needs proper attention along with affection. With change in season your pet craves for extra special care for its well being. You need to take care about the dog's food as well as its grooming. Read More

Posted by Jatin Nagpal on 13 June, 2017

Dog Grooming, a magical experience for your dog

Just like humans, dogs too, need to be taken care off and that too both physically and emotionally. This is a cardinal aspect of ownership, to look after your little pooch and make sure of his well-being. Most pet keepers run very short of time, to maintain the furry friend, however, nowadays there are mobile dog grooming services, and pet care centers, which assure that, your dog is provided with, the best of services. Indeed, looking good is not only the necessity of the owners but the pets too! Read More

Posted by Aastha Kanwar on 30 May, 2017

A single solution for diversified dog services

With the show around the corner, one has to gear up to outstand the competitive crowd. As a dog showcase, it is your prime responsibility to make the canine ready to steal the show. Training your dog is not a forenight phenomenon, you need to spend a good time at it. Taking care of small things can make you and your pooch land in a winning situation. Read More

Posted by Deepti Batra on 25 May, 2017

Tips to master the dog walk

What if someone fetters you at home, and there is nothing more beyond the fence of the house that you could see? Somehow, even the idea is unimaginable! Dogs, being an integral part of their owner’s life calls for both attention and care, the most pivotal concept in this care is, ‘walking the dog’. The evening or morning walks not only are a way to keep the little pooch physically healthy but also stimulates the mental health. Read More

Posted by Deepti Batra on 15 May, 2017

Benefits of hiring a pet sitter

It is indeed, strenuous when one has to work 12 hours a day and then get back home to take care of their pooch, for he calls for some hard work too. Taking him out for walks, feeding the little one when you are supposed to work, taking care so as to protect him from scorching summer or freezing winters, and so on, are certain unavoidable responsibilities of a pet owner. Read More

Posted by Deepti Batra on 2 May, 2017

Different boarding options with their possible aftermath effects

Tired with your monotonous routine and need a break to refresh the soul and body? Need to have a long vacation away from this chaotic buzz but at the same time facing a dilemma whether to take your fur baby along with you or not?

Nothing can be the best alternative if you decide to take him along. Contrary to this if you are not taking him with you there are ample suggestions to board your pup when you are away on a vacation. Read More

Posted by Deepti Batra on 28 April, 2017

Reasons to adopt a pet

Hundreds of deserted and inhibited dogs are rescued every day! ‘Man’s best friend’, living a life of misery, for, someone who couldn’t be as loyal to him as he was. Some tragic inhuman actions of men towards dogs obligate the brain to rethink on the existence of humanity. Oh… this reminds me of an infamous quote by the far-famed psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud- "Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have a mix love and hate.” Read More

Posted by Aastha Kanwar on Fri, 18 Apr 2017

The Importance of Regular Dog Grooming

Grooming is a vital element for the overall health and wellbeing of oneself. As Personal grooming is important for human beings, pets also need timely grooming. All the pets should be given proper and regular grooming which will prolong the life of the pets. Regularly grooming your pets allows you to catch any underlying diseases or conditions early, meaning that they will be able to be treated quicker and more efficiently and will therefore be less likely to have any lasting effect. Read More

Posted by Aastha Kanwar on Fri, 18 Apr 2017

Benefits of keeping a dog companion

Domesticating dogs isn’t a recent concept to the generation; it has been a part of human evolution since ages now. Dogs and humans have held a gratifying bond and will continue with the same for a thousand years to come. Spending some time with your pooch makes the world look better, how? The grass doesn’t turn any greener; the world doesn’t turn any nicer. But then, why does life seem better with a little pup in the house? Read More

Posted by Aastha Kanwar on Fri, 10 Apr 2017

Simple things to protect your dog from heat this summer

Summer is a tough time for everyone; it becomes worse for your pooch. Dogs are more vulnerable to overheating because of the fur, which makes it hard for their body to regulate temperature. Helping them stay cool under the scorching heat is something a good pet owner must do. In this article we have discussed some simple measures to make this summer happy and healthy for your pet. Read More

Posted by Aastha Kanwar on Fri, 04 Apr 2017

Common Facts About Dogs

The two most common animals that we encounter very frequently are Dogs and Cats. Dogs being the epitome of fidelity and loyalty holds a special place in everyone's life. Love for dogs is so profound that dog lovers treat them no less than their own family. The man who proclaimed dogs as the best friend of humans was not even an ounce wrong. Read More

Posted by Deepti Batra on Fri, 03 Apr 2017


Giving a healthy diet will help ensure that your dog enjoys healthy teeth and gums, strong bones, a robust immune system, a lustrous coat, which in turn provide your dog with long and happy life. In fact, feeding your dog a healthy, balanced diet can even minimize your expenses specially on costly unplanned vet visits. Read More

Posted by Deepti Batra on Fri, 31 Mar 2017

How to make Holi festive for your pet

Holi, the day which authorizes everyone to be sloppy and carefree, is approaching! The sparge of bright colors, splash of the water balloons, preparation of luscious Gujiyas, and scrumptious fried collations, agitate every Indian. Also called the festival of colors, it is one of the most celebrated occasions in our prestigious nation. However, its effects on the whole are questionable, due to the increased contamination in powdered colors and dyes used. Read More

Posted by Aastha Kanwar on Sat, 11 Mar 2017

Practices to follow to prevent your pup from scorching heat

With the summer right around the corner, it becomes our foremost duty to take care of our pets more cautiously. Whether you own a dog or a cat, it is very important to make sure of the pet’s well-being. The owner must look for different ways to help their pet prevent the deleterious effects of summer. As a dog owner it must be one of your top priorities to protect your pup from rising temperature, as they are highly sensitive to heat strokes and sunburn. Read More

Posted by Deepti Batra on Sat, 04 Mar 2017

How to make festivals good for your pet?

Pets are a perfect companion for their owners, and making the little buddy feel loved is very important. Just like us, even pets like to feel special occasionally; this not only is revitalizing but also gives life the much-needed spark. Pets too like engaging themselves in versatile practices which in turn can prove joyous and stress relieving. Read More

Posted by Deepti Batra on Tue, 07 Mar 2017

Just like humans, dogs too suffer from a number of diseases

Just like humans, dogs too suffer from a number of diseases. To keep them happy and healthy, it is very important to take the required precautions. Quoting a far-famed and veracious saying here, which is,"Prevention is better than cure." As a guardian, your furry friend's well-being is most certainly of prime prominence for you. Different dogs suffer from different problems or we can say diseases. Read More

Posted by Deepti Batra on Tue, 07 Mar 2017

Why is it important for a child to have a dog

I looked across my garden yesterday and saw a child strolling around with his dog. I then remembered a quote which states, “Dogs are a man’s best friend." I realised that if you don't own a dog you have no idea if that is, in fact, true! Especially in the case of a child. It is fascinating to witness how a child, when introduced to a dog, starts taking care of it Read More

Posted by Shorya Sehgal on Tue, 03 Jan 2017

Winter Care Tips for Dog

“Winter has come” yes its starting to get cold. Winters is a happy time for dogs specially in a tropical country like India and like they say “Delhi winters are the best winters.” As new year approaches approaches the days start getting shorter and the nights start getting longer. Its time you and your dog get prepared for the cold. Read More

Posted by Swati Tandon on Mon, 26 Dec 2016

My pet dog always ends up tearing the mattress. What should I do to stop this habit.

Torn corner of the blanket, scratch on the mattress, little chewed corner of the dining table cover falling beautifully down and what comes next is heart breaking your new shoes have been chewed badly!!!!! That’s is a SOS situation guys raise the alarm as soon as possible. Read More

Posted by Shipra Dubey on Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Experiencing the Pet Parenthood first time.

I was a late riser and now my day starts at 7 am with my dog licking my face until I get up and take him to the balcony for his daily routines. Doesn’t ends there because the moment I think I shall take another small nap he comes wagging his tail and his toy ball because now he wants to play “ Fetch “ with me. Read More

Posted by Shipra Dubey on Friday, 04 November 2016

WHATSPUP - Your dog’s best friend

We always want to make sure our dogs are as happy and healthy as they could be, but we sometimes get stuck thinking we’re doing everything we can do, but still couldn’t make it up .Even I was too aching from this regime, until I came across WHATSPUP. It’s a podium where Read More

Posted by Ayushi Pandey on Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Dog Lover and the Parent

So you think you love dogs! Obviously because you are awed by the cute puppy pictures, you want to pet every fur ball passing by you, may be you have one of your own, who is loved and pampered and is awesome to play with and of course your pooch always sleeps just next to your bed. Read More

Posted by Shipra Dubey on Thursday, 1 September 2016

Dogs Of The Valley

We are all mesmerized with the beauty of Himachal Pradesh, the landscape,the Hills and the weather but on a recent trip to Mcleodganj,Bhagsu waterfall and a trek to Triund I had a beautiful experience witnessing the “dogs of the valley”. Read More

Posted by Swati Tandon on Sat, 09 July 2016

How To Take Care Of Dogs In Summers

So its summer and its terribly hot in the month of April only while you stock the Sunblock for yourself, coolers and shakes are frequent beverages and so is a chilled beer, ACs have been already serviced and running for 20 hours a day, make sure couple of preps you do for your dog as well. Know More

Posted by Shipra Dubey on Thu, 21 April 2016

Freakin Beans…A café in Mayur Vihar where everyone likes having coffee with the street dogs.

They are called Man’s Best friend and probably the most compassionate creatures on Earth.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.Josh Billings Josh Billings Know More

Posted by Shipra Dubey on Mon, 25 January 2016